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4 Ways to save money on insurance when you buy a home

Priscilla Borges

Mortgage insurance, title insurance and homeowners insurance. There’s a lot to learn about insurance if you...

5 hot features home sellers frequently forget to mention

Priscilla Borges

When selling a home, homeowners depend on their agents to ensure that the home is sufficiently marketed. And, ...

What you need to know about home generators

Priscilla Borges

“Power outages likely if there is an extreme weather event this winter,” warn meteorologists at kens5.com....

7 ways to protect your privacy while your home is on the market

Priscilla Borges

It’s been said that knowledge is power. And, while poking around in a home seller’s personal papers for kn...

3 plants that will bloom indoors for you in fall and winter

Priscilla Borges

Sure, that foil-wrapped holiday poinsettia you bought at the supermarket may still be quite decorative, but co...

Don’t let cosmetics keep you from the home of your dreams

Priscilla Borges

Most real estate agents who’ve been in the business for any amount of time will tell you that it is...

It’s the perfect time to weatherproof those windows

Priscilla Borges

If you haven’t yet prepared your home for winter, you aren’t alone. Americans have had a rough and tumble ...

Use your VA benefits to purchase a home

Priscilla Borges

Although lenders talk a good game in their marketing, true zero-down mortgages are a rarity. Two credit unions...

2 Surprising Things That Boost Home Values

Priscilla Borges

What if we told you that you should fear not the big-box retailer that is rumored to be eyeing that...


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